New Users

  • be sure to include plus sign + at start of phone number when adding phone number to your profile to receive txt notifications of answers posted to your questions. The rest of the phone number should be the numbers of the country code and phone number without any other spaces or dashes etc. If you need to correct your phone number’s formatting to match this, you can edit your profile and update your phone number.
  • be sure to check your email when you first sign up as you will receive an activation link via email and you will need to click that “Activate” link in the email before you can post questions. If you do not see the email in your email inbox, be sure to check your Spam folder as sometimes the email will be sent their by mistake by some email services.


  • to get help with your homework use our android app or it’s web based version. you can find the android app in Google Play by searching “tutortonight” and looking for the app with the moon wearing the graduation hat icon.
  • to activate your user account so you can ask questions, you must first activate your account. if it is your first time using the app, click the sign up link below the log in form and enter a username (will be displayed on your user profile) and an email that you wish to use for the account. an activation link will be sent to that email, so be sure to check your email inbox and spam box to find that email and click the Activate link in the email. Once you do so you can return to the app and log in and ask questions.
  • follow tutors you find helpful or other students to discuss homework


  • see Students section above for info on how to sign up and activate your account. be sure to select “Tutor” as account type from the dropdown
  • to add a picture to your user profile, sign up at using the same email you used to sign up in the TutorTonight app. Upload a picture in your account. This picture will be displayed on your user profile in out app. Adding a picture will help you appear more approachable to users seeking to find a tutor to help them.
  • search the questions users have asked to find students you can help. you can earn credits from users who find your answers helpful and click the “Thank You” link under your comment.
  • You can send direction messages to users who follow you so you can provide them links for 1 on 1 online tutoring sessions.
  • You can add Microposts to your profile to provide updates and info about your availability or to provide sample tutoring content to students.


  • if your child needs help but is too young to connect with tutors online themselves, use your email to sign up as a “Parent” and do so for them.
  • please see sections above on how to activate account and connect with tutors
  • visit our Shop page to add more credits to your account to reward tutors who take the time to provide helpful answers to your child’s questions
  • sign up for our newsletter on our Blog page (and at bottom of this page) to receive updates about products and services we offer.