It all started with an apple.  A falling apple to be exact.  There was once this guy named Newton who really liked apples, the kind you eat not that kind you use to update your Facebook status.

One day Newton got bored and was sitting taking it easy staring at some apple trees.  They didn’t have TV back then, so people did weird things for fun.  And he saw an apple fall from a tree.  This got him to thinking and asking himself big questions, like what causes things to fall and why the Moon goes around the Earth the way it does.  Actually, some versions of the story say that he was sitting under the tree and the apple feel and hit him on the head, which kind of makes sense considering the effect it had on him.  But anyway, he got to thinking about this question.

So, after a lot of thinking he came to an interesting conclusion.  He thought, what if the same thing that causes the apple to fall from the tree is also the thing which causes the Moon to orbit the Earth.  And after a lot of thinking, Newton came up with what is now called Newton’s Law of Gravitation.  Not the kind of law that congress votes on.  This is the kind of Law that scientists agree on after they believe a theory has been proven.

And the moral of this story is, that not only are apples good for you, if you sit around all day watching them fall from trees, you just might come up with an idea that makes you world famous.  But, that will mean you’ll have to turn off the TV for a while.  Oh well, being famous isn’t everything right.

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