If you are traveling in a Spanish-speaking country and you would like to go to a restaurant and order in Spanish, here is what you would say.

I’m hungry! Shall we eat?
¡Tengo hambre! ¿Vamos a comer?

What would you like to do?  
¿Qué te gustaría hacer?

I would like to go to a restaurant.
Me gustaría ir a un restaurante.

I would like to order something.
Me gustaría pedir algo

I would like to go to eat.
Me gustaría ir a comer

Once that you are at the restaurant, is very likely that you will be asked about how many people for the table and if you want to eat outside or inside. 

Table for two please.
Una mesa para (2) dos, por favor.

We would like to eat inside/ outside.
Nos gustaría comer adentro/ afuera

The best way to express what do you want is “Me gustaría…” and then you add the item that you would like to order. Probably as soon as you are sitting you will be asked if you want something to drink before placing your order.

Would you like something to drink before ordering your food?
¿Les gustaría tomar algo antes de ordenar?

I would like a glass of wate, please
Me gustaría un vaso de agua, por favor

I would like a beer, please
Me gustaría una cerveza, por favor

I would like a coconut lemonade, please
Me gustaría una limonada de coco, por favor

When you are ready to order, if it is the first time in that place maybe you would ask the waiter about what does he recommend.

What would you recommend?
¿Cuál es la recomendación de la casa?

Thank you, I would like the chicken with rice and avocado
Gracias, me gustaría el pollo con arroz y aguacate

And if you fancy to get a dessert or a cup of coffee after eating

Do you have dessert?
¿Tienen postres?

I would like a cheesecake, please
Me gustaría una torta de queso, por favor

I would like a cup of coffee, please
Me gustaría un café, por favor

Finally, when you are done and want to ask for the bill

Could you bring me the bill, please
Podría darme la cuenta por favor

Would you wish to pay in cash or credit card?
¿Desea pagar en efectivo o con tarjeta?

If you want to sound very natural, you can practice the pronunciation with the video, try them out and check how it goes. ¡Hasta pronto!

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